2019 Back to School Shopping List

As stores start rotating their merchandise from summer to fall I start getting a bit nervous since that means the first day of school is fast approaching. Luckily for my Amazon Prime membership, the shopping process seems to go seamless and all our supplies got delivered within the week of placing my order.

After speaking to many clients/mommy friends I decided to share my back to school shopping process as well as a curated Amazon 2019 back to school shopping list. Hopefully, this saves you some time and a headache. Please let me know if you get anything or tag me on ig and I will share it @anya_kv

Here is a link to my Anyalux 2019 Back to School shopping list.

In an Anyalux fashion, the most important thing you can do before shopping is organized yourself. Here are some things that work for me.

  1. Once school is over organize everything the kids bring back. The best way is to keep supplies by category in ziplock bags, clear bins or clear pencil cases.
  2. When you get the supply list from school go back to where your school supplies are stored and in a separate bin take out everything you already have. Store all school supplies that are on the list in one bin to stay organized and to avoid purchasing multiples.
  3. Check off your list as you go and highlight what you still need.
  4. Now that you have narrowed down your list start shopping. The above link will take you to the Anyalux Amazon back to school shopping list. Below you will find some if the categories.

1. lunch boxes and all things lunch related…

2. back packs and pencil cases…

3. pencils, pens, crayons and markers…

4. notebooks and paper…

5. scissors, rulers, erasers, index cards….

6. accessories, odds and ends….

6. I also added healthy snacks but I suggest finding out if anyone has food allergies.

Thanks for reading our 2019 Back to School shopping list. Wishing everyone a fun and successful school year. Feel free to tag me and I will repost @anya_kv #anyaluxtips

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