About Anna

Fashion is a feeling. Luxury, a sense.

Anna Kizner was born into fashion. Her mother, a fashion brand director responsible for opening fifteen retailers, told Anna when she was a little girl:


Dress the part. Doors will open.

Anna attended her dream school: the world-renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, while working at a denim wholesaler, full time. She would go on to successfully launch a European denim brand in the US. After graduating, Anna realized that the only thing she loved as much as fashion, is people. She focused on retail, working closely with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Bergdorf Goodman, and Barneys NY, among many others. Anna also launched Glamvie, an upscale Brooklyn Salon/Spa which she owned, managed, operated, and built from the ground up.


Fashion cycles. Style endures.

Now, with over fifteen years of experience in the luxury retail market, Anna has founded Anyalux, a unique service focused on crafting a curated style while providing a tailored experience. Anyalux works with women, men, and businesses alike, offering a range of services. The common element is not only luxury results, but a tailored luxury experience. Anna works with both affordable and luxury retail products and high-end beauty industry professionals to achieve luxury at any budget, along with results that empower, embolden, and enhance your best self through the art of fashion, and a touch of luxury.


Everyone has a style.