Anyalux x Skyler Man NYC / Staying True To Yourself And Your Brand

If there was ever a time I felt inspired this Spotlight was it and I am excited to share it with all of you. Join myself and Alina Skyler where we share the hardship of growing a brand, staying true to who you are and owning your look. Plus our expertise on styling, shopping and growing as an individual while being a business owner.

Unlike anyone I ever met Alina stays true to herself and her brands DNA. She started Skyler Man over 12 years ago when she found a void in the marked for edgy street wear jewelry that still had a luxury esthetic and quality. Alinas desire or sort of an obsession to find a gold safety pin is what pioneered the birth and esthetic of Skyler Man NYC. As a business owner Alina shares some of her trials and errors as well as her drive and motivation to keep going. Alina said something that every successful entrepreneur that I have met does  “Become obsessed with wanting to do something, and never give up because it’s not happening. Find a different way to make it happened”. Don’t ever give up on your dreams, if you believe in it then it is up to you to make it happened.

Alina’s pursuit for perfection is reflected in Skyler Man NYC jewelry.  We both agree that confidence comes from committing to your look. Investing into timeless pieces will tell your story and be a constant reminder for you of where you came from and where you are heading. I loved sharing styling tips on this video from how to buy your first lux piece of jewelry to stacking rings and layering necklaces. I will admit that something Alina and I don’t agree on style but we always keep an open mind and allow ourselves to explore each others ideas. Fashion is constantly evolving as are we as individuals.

Thank you Alina you are a true definition of Gothic Glam, A kick ass women and business owner. To shop Alinas collection please reach out to me or shop

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