Mothers Day Gifts, Quarantine Style.

2020 Mothers day will be one we will never forget. As I started writing this Mother’s day blog, I began thinking what do I want as a mom and what is a great gift to send to my mom, mother in-law and grandma who unfortunately are all a flight away. Here is the deal, what every mom wants and needs, always, is to feel loved and appreciated.  Mothers day is a great time to acknowledge our moms and show them how loved they are. Every mom wants a memorable experience with her kids and at the same time for the moms with small kids at home she wants a timeout.

This is why I decided to focus this blog on creating mothers day experiences for moms that are far or near. All the tools you will need can be found on the Anyalux Amazon link below. I included things like cards and flowers to simplify your gift shopping experience.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you want to buy her jewelry or anything designer I will not stop you. In fact I encourage you to splurge on all the super moms out there. And moms this is our day so if you’ve been eyeing something that will give you happiness just get it!!!!. As my mom always says “you only live once and deserve it” followed by “money comes and goes but designer fashion lives forever”. * I am blessed with a sassy mom.

Here are some ideas of at home experiences that are easy to create:

A Five Star Restaurant Experience.

So many options that she will love from take out to cooking at home. 

Moms at Home: Start with breakfast in bed…. or even better take on all the meals for the family that day and include cleaning the mess and doing the dishes. Make sure mom’s glass is always filled as she relaxes.

Moms at a Distance: Recreate your moms’ recipe while on a virtual call with her. Turn on some music and cook together with a glass of wine. Take this virtual time together to reminisce about family and your favorite dinners together.

Recreate an at Home Spa Experience.

I always love a gift basket for this one. Order all the spa materials from masks to bath oils, maybe a robe and anything else that she will love for an at home spa.

Moms at Home: Set the mood with a candle and soft music. Run her a bath and leave her alone while she enjoys a personalized beauty routine from the basket you gave her. 

Moms at a distance: Send her the gift basket or simply the entire amazon cart if you’re pressed for time. Make sure to include a candle and email her a spa playlist. She will know what to do…

Brighten Mom’s Day with Flowers.

Every mom loves flowers from her kids. Don’t forget the card and chocolates. 

Moms at Home: I love the idea of picking flowers from her garden. But if you don’t have a garden a beautiful bouquet is perfect, shop with your favorite local florist.

Moms at a Distance: Order your mom an oversized bouquet of her favorite flowers. Personally in this crazy time I would order loose flowers from a local florist to fill her entire home. That way anywhere she goes or looks she will instantly smile thinking of her kids and grandkids.

At Home Sip and Paint Party.

Buy all the supplies needed for this fun family activity.

Moms at Home: After a nice brunch that she didn’t have to cook, start the paint party. Pour wine for the adults and juice for the kids. You can get a lot of art inspiration on Pinterest or YouTube. Set up your art stations, I suggest oil painting on canvas, and don’t forget to have fun with this.

Moms at a Distance: Have all the supplies for painting and wine already delivered the week prior. Start the day with a virtual brunch, order your moms brunch from a local restaurant. After brunch, email her the artwork you will be creating together (can be found on Pinterest or YouTube). Give her instructions on what to do and start painting. Once quarantine is over swap the artwork that you both created to hang in your homes as a memory for each other.

Every Mom Loves a Keepsake.

There is nothing in this world that a mom loves more than something that came from the heart or anything handmade by her kids.

Moms at Home: For the mom at home have the younger kids create artwork for Mother’s Day. So many fun DIY options are available on Pinterest. 

Moms at a Distance: Anything you or the grandkids make can be mailed to your mom. Or you can order her something custom, for example a family portrait, a vacation album or a family tree quilt. Lots of options on sites like Shutterfly and many more.

The most important gift for any mom is the gift of healthy kids that remind her how loved and appreciated she is. Hugs and kisses are a great starting point.

And of course, during this crazy time, all the moms with homeschooled kids want is a clean home, peace and quiet, a bottomless glass and food that she didn’t have to make.

Don’t forget the card!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful woman out there. It definitely takes a village and somehow most of us do it all on our own. I love and appreciate all the mommies out there. A special shout out to the single dads, this is your day too. Lastly a big thank you to the amazing, strong and courageous women that helped raise me and shape me to be the person that I am today. My mommy and grandma might be in NY but they are always on my mind and in my heart. And I cannot forget my boys (Lenny, Jordan and Mason) who make me feel special everyday.

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