Packing smart the Anyalux way

The magic question, how to pack without over packing. Planning a trip is exciting, we mark our calendars, do lots of research, make reservations or plan out our day trips and some of us dream of all the cool outfits we can wear. Then comes time to start packing, something that the majority of the population dread doing. There are many reasons packing overwhelms us, most of it has to do with wanting to bring everything, “the just incase pieces”.  What if I tell you packing can be easy if you follow a few simple steps that I will share with you.

Check out my youtube video where I pack for a 5 day getaway to an island destination, where the temperatures are hot and margaritas keep you cool. The same steps can be applied to any trip you are taking. These are the steps I follow when packing for all members of my family as well as my clients. Yes, one of the services Anyalux offers is a packing concierge, please message me anytime to learn more.


I also created an amazon shopping cart for all thing you need to pack smart, stay organized and make your trip  worry free, at least the travel part of it. Please click on the tab that says “TRAVEL ESSENCIALS”

Below you will find what I recommend to ensure you don’t over pack and still bring everything that you need.  It’s all in the YouTube video.

The key is to make lists and stay organized. At the end of the blog you will also find a link to a quick check list that I’ve created for myself and my clients for a summer getaway.  The list can be printed just add in or remove anything that’s specific to you.

Here are the basic steps to pack the Anyalux way:

1) Learn all you can about your destination.

For example temperature (warm vs cold) and what activities you will be doing, like swimming or mountain climbing. Don’t forget evening activities and the style of restaurants you will be dinning in for example trendy vs casual vs dressy.

2) Create a list (or print at the end of the blog) of what you need to bring

Make a separate list for beauty, clothing, activities and anything else that will need to get packed for this trip.

Simple as pen to paper and freestyle what you use on the daily basis. Then edit the list removing what you don’t need for your destination and adding in what you will need. Cross things off the list as you set items aside while pre-packing. Do a last check the night before you leave to insure nothing was left behind.

3) Start editing your wardrobe.

I suggest you do this at least a week before vacation. My clients love this part as it helps them get a full picture of what they will be wearing plus saves them time and the headache of figuring out what to wear when on vacation.

 Yes, you must try on the looks (lets be real if it doesn’t fit at home it wont fit on vacation). The prep / try on process should include your day to night looks as well as any day activities (that includes lounging on the beach).

Reference your list while doing this just incase you’re forgetting something.

Please make sure you do head to toe outfits. Including shoes, accessories and under garments. Layout your outfits and start editing. Including shoes, you don’t need all the shoes you pulled out, select the ones that serve multiple styling purposes. Same for bags.

4) Edit the list once more.

It is easier to edit when everything is laid out and you can visually tell what you’re planning to pack. This is a great time to remove or add pieces. If something serves multiple purposes that means you can eliminate at least one garment. Choose the one that makes you feel less comfortable.

I always take the item I choose for a chilly night on the plane with me. As I am always freezing and refuse to use their blankets. For the most part I take a sweater and an oversized scarf.

5) Stay organized

Now that the completed looks are selected from day to evening, including accessories. Allocate a designated area in your closet.

All vacation items must live in one space. This allows you to keep editing so if you buy a new cover-up maybe one of the old ones can come out and so on.

*****All categories should go into separate pouches or Ziploc bags with the exception of your clothing. The youtube video is a good reference.

Please click here to find an easy packing checklist.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share this article or let me know your thoughts. Follow me on IG: @anyalux_consulting FB: @Anyalux  YOUTUBE: Anyalux



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